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Valentine's Day!
Not much really to report.

My beautiful partner got me an awesome card, and some choclates, and a cool little zen kit thing.
Here's the deal.. she *knows* how important my serenity and peace is to me. The Zen thing, while it may not grant me that serenity, is a definite open communication channel. I feel loved and upheld by her.

For my luvin, i got her some food.. WW compatible, i hope. Not half as snazzy as I'd like it to be.. then again, the important thing is: how we build lives together. And I am liking my life with her, a lot. Because I can be me. Because I can state what I need, and it is listened to. Because she can be her. Because we're finding ways to be our real selves around each other. And because she is so *principled* it makes me drool. Seriously. Bodily responses and everything.

And we're delightfully different! She's zesty, zingy.. i'm cool like a cucumber. She's bouncy and high spirited.. I'm laid back, with occasional moments of constant energy. It works.

Thank you beautiful for the time we have already spent together... wow, 2nd valentine and I'm living with her..

I am *SO* looking forward to the next 50 years..
.. can we up it to 60 or 70?

love you

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Happy Vday to you and your special girl. :-) it sounds like yo two are a great couple, and one day, I'm going to get down near Kentucky and hang out with you folk. :-)

but I love a bean burrito!
yeah we can up it to 60+...but that might involve food puree and diapers...and not for a kid either.


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