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Update update
The week went by so fast.
Meant to call mom, she's been wondering where I am.
Want to call Patrick.

This whole thing of shifting my focus from "stuff I do out there to set up my security net" to "being home is my security net" ... is proceeding. This week (and last), i think i've stayed home pretty much every night other than Wednesday night Unity class & Friday meeting. (Which I absolutely love. However, i keep lightly snoring during meditation in class, which is cute yet annoying)

I had some awesome moments at work today.. mostly along the lines of:
Me: Hey, i saw those unit tests that you wrote... pretty nice!
AV: Thank you Sunny. I have learned a lot from you
Me: *speechless*

WF: ... meeting in his office about estimates on next project and about my method of estimation
Me: ... explaining how I arrived at that scheme of estimation
WF: well, we're thinking about how we could adapt it for some templates for use with the rest of the team.
Me: *speechless*

I feel excited! Something I'm doing, is being perceived as worthwhile and useful by others.. i'm not the only one who feels excited about it! *awesome*

At home, we're approaching week #2 of Q's allowance, and he actually was dusting a bit today in prep for it. This is good.

We've also been throwing around financial scenarios:
- buy this house while still paying for Iowa house and paying off debt
- roll debt into loan for this house while still paying for Iowa house
- what if the Iowa house sells

The most interesting one is, the Iowa house selling, then buying this house, NOT rolling the debt in, and then paying off the debt really frickin' fast. Somewhere in there, we need to put in a new heatpump/furnace combo, a floor, a wedding, etc... Duderz! God, you better lead...

... and God leads me straight to: hey, so how much are we spending on hobbies, household supplies, and other such stuff! A good topic for upcoming family night. We're skirting around the idea of using the Dave Ramsey envelope system, and I think we might be ready to do that for certain categories...

So.. thank you God for my life, and please guide me in living with my family, and WOOOOOOT! *HAPPY*


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