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12 powers meets the 12 steps
I was at my Unity Basics class tonight at church, and we were going over one of my formerly least favorite subjects: the 12 powers.

And a lightbulb went off. These 12 powers.. which are things within me.. i've actually noticed most of them come to life as I've done my recovery work. So.. i started comparing them back to the 12 steps, and the process of recovery, and then the dominoes started going in my head..

So i'm putting down some of those thoughts here, in no particular order.

Judgement or Wisdom -- this is where it started for me. This is the part where I see the effects of "practising these principles in all my affairs." Judgement is the ability to see the principles in all my affairs. It is how to judge where/when things are off kilter, and derive which principles might be askew.

Love -- very directly maps to "Let there be no gossip or criticism of one another, but instead reason things out with someone else. You will come to find that you love us in a very special way, the same way we already love you" Its that unconditional love, that recognition of the inherent worth and beauty of all people, all living things, all made things, all atoms, all energies. Its all alive with the power of the universe.

Power -- Talked about 3 forms of power. In the Silence, In the thought, Spoken word. Talked about the "creative process" -- idea, thought, and manifestation. Very similar to the 3 A's, Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

Imagination --

Understanding -- to see what is "under". It is the recognition of the principles that are at play in all my affairs. It is how I get to see God's will present in my life, and in the lives of others. Its where I get to see certain people, how their attitudes to the world are, and how they get pretty much exactly what they choose.

Will -- to make a decision. This is directly related to step 3 -- choosing to do it "in tune" with God/higher power rather than relying on little-self/ego. Little-self/ego is a byproduct of this world, and thus solves problems at the same level as this world. This world ain't that swiffy at the moment. As I stay on the spiritual side of things, I do more with big-Self, the part of me that has been educated by my HP.. ie, i've had a spiritual awakening. And now I intuitively know how to do things that I did not know how to do before.

Order - putting God first no matter what. This is the equivalent of "Higher power's will for us" in step 11, and/or the care of our higher power in step 3.

Zeal - enthusiasm, desire for life, excitement, energy. Probably along the lines of the slogan: "Live! and let live." Emphasis first part. Or "Get in the car". Or "living in the center of AA" where its smooth.

Elimination -- Step 7, lots of step 7. This is where knowing that little self can't do it, we invoke big self, and Eliminate the negative pattern from our being. Or, little self asks big self to remove it. Problem is, if we don't stay spiritual, then little self starts to run things again, and the problems return.

Life -- Superconscious, Conscious, and Subconscious. Note that Charles Fillmore talked about these before Freud or Jung or whoever came up with that Ego, Id, and Leggo my Waffle or whatever that was.

Faith -- perceiving. This is directly the courage to change the things that I can.. it is the serenity in the midst of chaos. Its got a lot of step 2 written all over it.

Strength -- Capacity to stand up to a situation that is not of Truth, and stay the course without getting washed aside. Gandhi had true strength, MLJK had true strength. In recovery.. I think its the "keep coming back, it works if you work it" part.

There's probably another essay-like thing in me going the other direction -- mapping 12 steps and traditions over to 12 powers. It wouldn't be one to one, i don't believe in that. I am glad to see *all* of my spiritual practises and beliefs continuing to merge together under the same umbrella, though.


ok. that's it. love


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