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Dear Journal,


that doesn't work here. :}

Dear People Who Care About Me,

Been a good, productive day today. I .. uh.. didn't quite get the daylight savings thing, and I arrived EARLY at the church to make sure I got some coffee early on.. and Whoops, they're already in the middle of Heather's talk by then. *grin* Marcus has blonde hair, definitely.. Met a cool lady, forgot her name.. from there, the day went very very well. I didn't even plan it! (probably that's why it went well)

Got a massage (THANK YOU CHRIS!) ... the knot in my back is gone, and my neck is doing a LOT better..
Hooked up with Tiny, gave her the tix for ... whatever that show was.. Rent.
Hooked up with Gina, got her some stuff for the music thing.
Hooked up with Steven, got him some stuff for the music thing.
Hooked up with Julian, got him started on the deck.
Hooked up with Mark, got him alerted to the need to turn the water back on at the mobile home.
Hooked up with Stu, we went to see HellBoy. Best part was, while sitting in the grass waiting for the movie to start, we got to catch up, and we saw 3 deer hangin' out. The movie itself -- eh, a 4/10 for me. And the previews were all bleah.
Hooked up with the mobile home, loaded the truck up with stuff. One more load left. *yay*

lots of hooking going on. I must be a good hooker? *ba-dump*.

*cheeky grin*

Yah, so.. in other news... really thinking/feeling a lot about the female divine.. and how my relationship with said power has changed over time. Very.. freeing, my soul feels very much more calmer as I contemplate this.. takes a lot of the "neediness" out of me. That's a good thing.

Laters, Taters.


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