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Wow, what a weekend
As usual, wanted to post pictures from Florida, but didn't get around to it.. its been a crazy busy fun weekend.. highlights:

Probably the biggest pieces of household news: We bought a freezer! 5 Cubic foot. Sittin' in the garage. Big enough to hide a body in, but not without some surgery first. M and the Schwann's man have an interesting relationship, he suggested that we get a freezer big enough to hide my body in without cutting it up.

Q was at his dad's this Sunday, and M&I made the most of it as far as having dinner at Panera, shopping for various things, and quality time together. We might be making this a weekly thing.. whenever Q is at his dad's. That way we can be fresh and charged up for Q when he's with us.

Looking forward to getting quotes on the floor prices. We've decided that this house that we're in now.. is only for the next 8 years, is not our dream home, so we're not going to invest a lot of anything into this house other than making it livable and sellable. Hello discount laminate, and eventually, we'll be spending like $1200 on a stove and dishwasher that match the fridge.

Yesterday (Saturday) was luxurious. Slept in till like NOON. It was GREAT. Needed that a lot.

M led her first AFG meeting last night. I am *so proud* of her for taking that step... i've been with her a year now (at least), and right now, I have more hope and more confidence that we're a match that will work, than I used to in the past. Its like, all the prayers that I created over time.. they're continuing to come true. I see her coming to terms with her past and her reality in a very honest way ... and I LOVE her for that.. and I'm very proud to have her as my partner. You know that song, "Lady in Red"? Its like that, except that I'm not drunk off my ass. And it looks like the Saturday night meeting is becoming a regular meeting for us. I lead in 2 weeks. *enters into calendar*

Been reading Dave Ramsey stuff lately. I like it. About financial planning etc for families. Very straight forward stuff, looks like the guy has many radio shows. Heard him on the radio today, I liked him. He's got spiritualness like I understand. However I'm a bit turned off by the "selling me shit" attitude of his website. Nevertheless, his is a financial outlook that M+I agree on, and that's worth its weight in gold. So, i guess we'll be getting some envelopes to put cash in. :) ... not just yet. Gotta finish reading some stuff.

M found Croxxing Jordan! The 6th season is back on the air. She is very happy.

On the Q side, he's leaning towards not going with the United Futbol Club, which will save us a ton of $ and time. Which means, he and M will be able to go to TKD with me, and he's looking at trying out for several of the other good teams around here.. I can't name them, but I've seen them play, and they're GOOD. And it won't cost us an arm and a leg. This was all glossed over at a family meeting that we had together.


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"Big enough to hide a body in, but not without some surgery first."


Blessed are those who believe in the power of prayer!

Happy to read the details. Glad you are becoming a family man! Sure it brings in new responsibilities and sometimes new challenges,yet the joy of carving out a life together with a loving and understanding partner is simply wonderful. We pray for your and M's continued bliss.


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