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*yawn* Good morning.. its been a nice lazy Saturday. Lunch at Lisa's in Gilbert .. Daisy Chains and Laughs.. good Panini sandwiches there.

I had a little shocker. I found out that my mom is actually reading my LJ page. (Hi Mom! *HUGGLES*) ... :} Now I get to see if i shall continue to be as brazenly open about what's really going on with me as I have or not... *grin* I think a lot of it is that my "language", my "online internet self", i use very different expressions for conveying things than I do with mom in person. So, once again.. it becomes a matter of congruence, being the same person in all places of my life, and/or just being what i've been and people can take it or leave it.

Not quite sure where to start at this weekend. For one thing, I have two tickets to Rent that I don't really want to use... anybody want 'em? Sunday night 7:30pm Des Moines Civic Center donations accepted payment optional. Then, there's taxes and updating Quicken... and there's cleaning out the mobile home some more.. i think i'm down to 1 truckload ... and there's creating a CD for the musical.. and there's rewriting the chordage for three songs (2 keychanges, 1 fill-out-the-phrasing)

I got to hold somebody's hand today, for a while. It felt awesome. It was a non-verbal communication, saying in a silent way: I love you, and I appreciate you, exactly as you are, you are dear to me. And added to that verbally with this person: "I want to spend more time with you". *so happy that I could express what was inside me*

*happy sunny*

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Too bad I'm in Michigan or I'd go to Rent lol ;)

Hi Sunny's Mom! :)

Love, Erin

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