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NYE bash in Florida!
I wanted to post ... about this trip to Florida I was just on.
But.. RL has caught up to me, and I haven't the energy now.

So instead, I shall hint at what happened by at least a list of topics. Perhaps further details, perhaps not.

1. The Tidal Wave
2. The Smushed Propeller
3. How one person got caught between two boats that almost collided.
4. Flea Market Extravaganza!
5. Of spy purses and disappearing TieDie shops
6. Pickles Pickles Everywhere!
7. Anybody wanna buy a house?
8. Running aground.
9. Lets tackle grandma at full speed and knock her into the sand!

... yeah, that should about do it. Each one is worthy of its own post. Some have pics, some don't.


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4. Flea Market Extravaganza!

This, I simply must read.
Please share it when you can. :-)

I can tell you that Mr. S is a total nut at the flea.

He had a half gallon of pickles shipped home! and a few other things.

We are such goobheads...we got matching tyedyed sweatshirts...this shop O go to every year-the only reason to go to this particular flea market (well that AND the pickles).

What's for dinner? Pickles?

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