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TKD Testing
My palm hurts like heck. Typing, pressing the spacebar with my thumb results in a sore hurt muscle feeling.

That would be from holding for somebody as they broke boards.

My heel is no longer hurting. It was earlier. That would be from me breaking my board.

All in all:
  • I felt good about my forms, onesteps, and exchanging kicks freeform.
  • My delivery on the knowledge sucked could use some improvement. I need to pre-plan which pieces of information I am going to deliver.
  • My delivery on terminology could use some improvement. I'm currently still having to send the english to my body, have it do the movement, and then my body tells me what the Korean is. I should be able to make a more direct channel in my brain.
  • My board breaking could become a lot better. Mostly on focus and technique. First form, then precision, then speed and power.
  • My holding boards for other people could use some improvement. I flinch when they get close to breaking. Its a confidence thing.
  • I still feel like a dork... like I'm doing everything wrong. Nobody's corrected me on how I am doing things.. i suppose they would correct me if I was doing things wrong... so .. yeah, that's self confidence again.

This testing was for 8th gup to 7th gup.. 7th grade yellow.

Next testing is in February. I'm going to set sights on that, but I am NOT going to test unless all of the above areas feel good for me.

now to hobble to the shower, and enjoy my accomplishment.