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Merry Christmas + 1!

It was a wonderful christmas.

I've been going through my loot and saying "thank you" in my head and on paper..
  • Garmin Nuvi 350 from my luvin' ... (i am SO not going to be lost in Florida this time)
  • Killer black weatherproof jacket thingy with lots of pockets (from M's parents)
  • Warm snuggly fleece stuff like DM wears. (from DM, who is M's uncle)
  • Louisville Cardinals hoodie, to match Q (from Q)
  • Wrinkle-free dress shirt (wore it yesterday, from Q)
  • Cool electrical pluggy things ... little snakes for managing power cords
  • Dress pants, dress sweaters

Today is family pictures at Momaw&Popaw's. Black shirt and Blue Jeans. Good thing its Jeans week all week at work.

Looks like we're going to be having a get-together in Florida this coming weekend.. M&I need to go over some finances things to prep for that. *exciting*.. its all about being real! I likes it.

And.. i need to watch my anger/snappyness level. I've been sniping at Q more recently.. and he noticed, and told M, who let me know. There's something in here about "how do I be an effective guardian" thing.. i think i've been stepping in the only way I know how (now that i feel empowered to step in a bit more), i think Q and I will need to come up with some other way that I can interrupt and redirect.

love from my family to yours!

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Bahut Achhi Khabar Hai!

Happy to read yrs. I am very happy for you. The new Year shall bring lots of good times for you, M & Q.

Just be patient with Q. Keep an allowance for his teenage years. I can feel that you love him.Let him know that too by saying it aloud.

Many a times we just get too busy with the daily schedules and do not tell people around us how much we love them.


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