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The difference for I.T.

I wanted to share some pictures of my office place...
namely the difference in decoration between departments.

The IT guys.. everything is drab. Cardboard boxes on top of cube walls. No decoration. Bunch of haggard looking folks.

The folks who answer the phones... while they have to clock in and out all the time, and get 15 minute only breaks... they have christmas wrapping paper decorating their cubes, fake snow on the ground, all kinds of lights.

I was a bit envious.. then I got over it.


In other news: I was a snark at work today. We got our holiday gift from the company. It was a friggin wonderful holiday plate, saying Season's Greetings from ____ 2006. Apparently last year it was a $15 gift card from Kroger. People were having some feelings, I could tell...

what did they feel?

Like, if its going to be something like that, please don't make a big deal out of it and make it sound like its the world's best gift or something. We're here, we work, please leave us our dignity?

I dunno. I'm snarky.

They did feed me cookies though. OOoo another snark related to that, but I don't have the time to go into it here, i'll tell my girl instead.


In other news, I AGAIN left my man-purse somewhere because I wasn't centered and was instead reacting to a bunch of stuff going on outside of me.

I went to the Xmas thingy for my TKD school, and it was nice. I missed my Iowa school.. it was a smaller school where I knew more people. And, i actully worked my ass off there, and over here, i've been kinda spotty in my attendence. I'm not in the "center" of it. Not enough of me to go around to be in the center of everything.

What is important to me?

At the moment, its merely ... taking care of myself well enough so I have something to give at home, and at work, and to give to myself as well. Posting these pictures, taking the time to make this post, is part of that.


If I had more energy and time and money in the world, what would I do?

  • I'd spend more time working on my forms and one-steps and work my way to a black belt. I'd go to TKD every other day and enjoy the crap out of myself while I'm there.
  • I'd spend more time working on programming projects that I really want to do, like the thing to map out recovery meetings on google maps, and the sync-recent-changes-to-flash-disk program that I never got around to posting about.
  • I'd work towards my Pilot's license. And then maybe buy an airplane.
  • I'd spend more time alone, in the silence, meditating, being connected to the world
  • I'd walk more places. Like to the post office. Maybe bike to Kroger's.
  • I'd indulge in a little entertainment. Perhpas a movie, or watch a TV show, or listen to a Podcast for fun.
  • I'd cook dinner for my family.


When I get sleepy and tired at work, and I can't think straight enough to code, i've been allowing myself to instead listen to work-related (== programmer related) podcasts. Lately, i've been watching a lot of dnrTV. The shows on Ruby were cool.. but didn't they know that Perl had that "missing function" thing a while back? And omg, nobody has come even close to shadows in LPC.. basically run-time overriding/mocking of objects. (not the class, the object).

:) Then again, could I explain exactly what all delegates do and the difference between IEnumerator and IEnumerable? no. Nevertheless, its fun stuff. I get excited.

I did get to sit down with somebody who was learning C# for the first time, and share with them my enthusiasm for the language and also a little bit of unit testing. We stuck a transaction and a Rollback in a finally clause in their program.. it was good.


Ok, i think i'm done now. I apologize for the extremely long post, i guess I had stuff inside me. I'll stick the whole thing in a cut.

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Our IT department (and the rest of the corporate office) was the same way. All our xmas cheer amounted to was the cafeteria Starbucks just handing out free coffee. That, and a few people were wearing Santa hats. Gotta love corporate mandated no holiday expressions.

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