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We got haircuts! + phones + dogs & cats
Here's Q being all cute and charming...


i love that kid. :)

I'm starting to understand him. He has SO MUCH energy, its hard for him sometimes.

In other news, we, as a family, got cellphones under the same plan today. I now have a local Louisville number, i'll be cancelling my iowa phone in a month or so. I am very excited about my new phone.. it currently has that VZW thing with Mobile web 2.0, and I was able to check gmail with it, and it has a full QWERTY keyboard... link to phone model here: LG enV VX9900. M got the VX9800 (one model back, solid as a rock phone) and Q got a choclate, of course.

Tonight, we're spending alone time. Q is going to a friend's, i'm going back to the appartment, and M is baching it here.

ooooo introducing cats and dogs
cats in the crate. dogs sniff cats (1 dog at a time). Cats meowr dangerously. Dogs are like, HOLY SHIT, WTF IS THAT? but not excited, just calm, like, umm.. not sure what to do here. Cat swipes at P, P is like HOLY SHIT back away.

Nobody died, no blood. Its all good.

Not leaving them alone together or without crates just yet though.

life is good. Fighting off a bit of a cold/cough.



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