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Work fragmentation.
A minor frustration:

I have been working on project #1. ALMOST there. Have been almost there for a while.

Drop everything, do #2 for Ev. Basically glue between Ev and BS. I kid you not, those are his initials.

Okay! Write what I think, while trying to track down Ev to get some details. Finally get them. Deliver on that.

Ev, is this what you need? ... no answer.

So I switch back to project #1.

That evening, as I'm getting ready to go home, Ev asks: can you come up here for a minute? ... hey, he finally got around to looking at it. Questions. Questions relayed, email to BS and a couple of others. Done.

So back to #1 for a bit. I make promises on the "done" date...

Come in this morning. Drop everything. Go meet with BS again. Oh, he's going on vacation, they need me to pick up some of his stuff? Okay, this is what I think I can do reliably..

no you don't want me to do that? You want me to do this other thing that came out of nowhere.

Okay, yes SIR!

(go in the bathroom, clear my mind... come out, and start anew.)
(5:30: GOOD NIGHT.)

In other news... life is good. Spent a good half hour by myself, journalling about stuff going on in my life. I'm starting to really understand that the folks I know in my life right now... between church, TKD, recovery, work, and home.. I'm going to know for several years.

I like this idea. These are all very wonderful good people whom I like being with.



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