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*skweee* happiness
:) I took this evening off.

November Shopping and CatsI went shopping for shoes. Picked up two pairs for a total of $100. For comfy shoes at my work work place place.

I ate at Chick-Fil-A, my favorite ever chicken place, with a cup of fruit for a side.

I came home, took a nice long hot bath, and then a shower, totally letting my muscles ease up, amazing how much more flexible my back and neck can be after I let them go.

Ate dinner with my girl and her boy... (our boy? we're the adults in his life, so in a way, yes?) at the Bristol, proceeds to benefit something to do with HIV. I basically helped with appetizers and desert and we had a wonderful time together...

November Shopping and Cats... shopping therapy at Wal Mart. Picked up a Die Cast Metal Transformer (Sideswipe), turns out the $5 ones don't transform *bummer* now he's dangling from the mirror in my truck.

and now for a little online shopping, having verified that my bank balances are good.

I believe i am taking my camera with me tomorrow. Its about time I did a picture update.

And Hoshi.. thanks for the good vibes to me about my good vibes. :)


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