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How about the new IE7?
Been playing with it sinced it auto-updated..
It loads fast. Its consistent. It has tabbed browsing and support for RSS.
I like it.

Anybody care to share their opinions?

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After getting hooked on all the useful plugins for Firefox 2, I can't really go back to any version of IE. It's not just that FF is sorta faster, it's the Weather plugin, Gmail manager, and the Download manager. The little things tend to make it win out over everything else, since so much of my personal/work PC time is spent with at least one browser open.

At work we actually had to uninstall it because it no play nicey-nice with our softwares. In fact, it flat out broke it. Stuff that has little to do with browsers at all. Funny, that. Took us a %$^#$%^ing week to figure it out, too.

We're hoping that the upgrades we'll be getting for our software very soon will fix this problem, but so far I hate IE7. The U will be going to Vista at some point (Our IT gal said "Not until after SP1 at least over my dead body") but they'll force us soon, I'm sure. I worry this is just the beginning of the breaking of Panthy's software.

Of course, I only really use IE at work. I'm a firefox gal at home. It rawks. I don't know if I'll install IE7 until I absolutely positively have to. It's still pretty buggy.

Microsoft can eat my shorts.

At the risk of being called grumpy:

I installed it as an update on my parents' computer. I took a look at it, said "There's no way I'm supporting this piece of crap" and it was gone within 10 minutes. I then blocked it from downloading the update again and now windows update whines that I've blocked a critical update.

I don't know who the idiot is at MS who thought such a drastic UI change was a good idea, but I hope he/she is fired soon. I know my parents, and a change of this magnitude will just frustrate them. They don't care about all the pablum MS is puking (*bows to Morton Downey Jr*), they just want it to work. IE7 doesn't just work.

When I have a few days (this last week was strictly for relaxing, thank you) I'm installing Opera and showing them how to use it.


i like it too.
but it hasn't broked anything of mine yet [g]

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