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Something i've been meaning to do for a little while: Go through every well-wisher in the "i'm engaged" post, and tell them thank you, and not just type it, but stop and consider them and thank them from the bottom of my heart...

perhaps the emotion doesn't show in this typeset world, yet, i want you to know.. i love you all. Every single one of you.

I might tackle 'babble next sunday. :) (Jim/Julia, Michael/Kathy, Ellen, Chris/Colleen.. half of you are on here, half of you are there. I love you all).


Life is going good. Today was a day of.. church stuff, trying to get a card written to my brother and sister-in-law (i couldn't make it there for xgiving, and I was feelin' it, so I spent some time on a card instead), hooking up with the lady to look at exercise equipment, freaking out about lost address books, dinner with the franklins, and now.. just some odds and ends before bedtime. In all.. a very good day.

Picture of some gouges in Q's back.. i'll see if I can get him to tell the most horriblest of stories into a recorder and then post it. *grin*.

Quinn's back

Book I picked up:

It kinda just jumped up at me during church. I figured, what the heck. The guy lives down the road in Lexington, he was at church last weekend.

Oh, and next week, i'll be becoming a member (extending my membership to)
Unity Church of Middletown. This morning, I got to be usher and greet folks and get hugs. :) Felt at home. Killer band.. upright bass, drums, and piano.. i was wanting to be up there with them.


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