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My cave is internet-enabled!!!!
Okay. So... been spending a lot more time at my Fiance's place.. and... every boy needs a cave. A place where I can retreat to when I need to retreat... and so there's this upstairs guestroom/bedroom ... which we're making into my spot.

Well, today I brought over the laptop that I hardly ever use and I put it up in there. I'm writing this post from the laptop. And it is good.

I am *so tired*. I asked M how she has seen me change since I started working, and her observation was, when I get home... I'm *done*. No doing nothing. Is it worth it? For now, it is. Forever? probably not.

I crossed a line at work. I went from "I want to impress you" to "leave me alone i have work to do". Its ... just work now. Its still fun work.. doing a stress test on the DAL that I wrote... as well as stuff to create stub test data... I have some cool tools up my sleeve that I would like to write... yet, its.. not adrenalin driven.

Which is good, as adrenalin doesn't last forever.

Q isn't here tonight, which means M & I get to do something special... hey, take your mind out of the gutter. We pretty much get to talk as much as we want without getting interrupted. I love it. I love Q too. Sometimes, ... ya need a break.

There's something which I want to do.. haven't had a chance to do it yet. Gearing up to do it tomorrow.

In the mean time.. love to y'all, gnight!

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See what happens when you don't work with someone cool like me?

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