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Weekend Update!
Its the weekend! Yay!
My first weekend after a full week of work work.
My first weekend as an engaged guy.

I'm hanging out at the cave.. the Sunny cave.. well, i have a bunch of housecleaning items to do, as well as just kinda chill and get caught up on the semi-Important-not-Urgent things.

The work update:
Its pretty good, actually. In acronym heck: I'm working for SHPS. My boss is in the FullFillment division, and I'll be working on a project called OES, however I'm on loan to some folks in the CardServices division and working on a project called SAMS3.

My current contribution is: writing .CST templates to make Codesmith to generate a simple DAL for Oracle, based on Oracle's ODP (instead of Microsoft's provider). They have like 90 tables, i've got it generating the table level DAL pieces, and I'm now generating test-helper classes that can exercise the CRUD out of the DAL, as well as cascade dependencies based on FK's, so I can test the whole 90-classes that make up the DAL. Its pretty exciting stuff.. a problem i've been considering since 2002 or so, when I first had to do some "resource getting" things. Even better, I can wrap it all in a transaction, so that I can set up a functional testing framework:

functionaltest { 
   [TestFixtureSetup] TestFixtureSetup(){ 
      .. get connection to database and start transaction
      .. validate-or-create supporting rows in lookup tables
   [Setup] ... create controller object that is to be tested
   [Test] ... exercise some kind of test against the controller
   [Test] ... another test
   [TestFixtureTeardown]  { 
      ... roll back the transaction

I should get first paycheck next week. They have good vending machine coffee there.. fancy stuff, expresso, etc. Its a good place to work so far. I can be myself and be happy and bouncy and goofy.

started dishes...
cuddled cats
took a shower

I think the really important part of what I'm doing right now for work stuff is.. I'm getting to show people "how wonderful it can be". Bringing joy to people's lives. Well, or show them how it could be joyful, a piece of art. Whether they take it or not is up to them.

Getting into deeper things... the Engagement!:
What can I say? I'm very glad we've done it.. its settled a whole bunch of soul-angst inside me. She's a goofy, wonderful, kind, loving, powerful wooooman.. My woman. Not that I own her, but like, we're on loan to each other for the purposes of this lifetime.. something like that.

I have pictures! ...

uploading pictures off the camera... oo can't do that yet, camera is in the truck. Must get dressed first...
got dressed... got camera.. uploading pictures...
I'm going to post these as a seperate post, i don't want it mingled with the other parts of this post. You'll see the posted post first post yes post. Kellog.

Actually, i'll end this post now, and go do the other post.


(ok, sure, bad joke.


don't be such a corn puff)

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haha, you get to try to merge the cats and the dogs into one living space

Hey, if we don't mention it, and don't think about it, it doesn't have to happen, right? right?

awwww crap.

Yeah, we've been talking about that for a while now. Thanks to Liz & Chris, we have an idea of what we could do.. and I have a plan "B" with a friend whom I trust who'se willing to take the wee purry ones if it comes to that.

(again) Congratulations, Sunny and Molly!

Too bad my sister-in-law doesn't live closer to you---she is an animal trainer and I am sure she would have some great ideas for blending animal families. ( When my brother moved in, they had a total of 5 cats and 3 dogs to work with---and they are all living happily together now. Maybe you could get some advice from a trainer in your area...
Best of Luck!

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