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I am now a fiance. <-- one e, not two. Thanks, person who caught that.
fee yon say

:) My girl and I went to St Louis over the weekend. We had been planning this for quite a bit. It went something like this originally:

Boy: How would you like me to propose to you?
Girl: uh.. duuuuhh.. whaaaaaa...
Boy: Like, infront of your family, on a knee.. in private.. you me and Q... ?
Girl: Hmm.. Not the family.
... discussion ensued that I don't remember
... decision: some place that we both like, but isn't of either one of us.

Which leads to: ST LOUIS! We had a "rendezvous" there like a year ago or so. I was hoping to find a link to it, but I guess we kept it pretty hush hush. We got a room at the same hotel we stayed at a year ago.

The actual asking was something like this:

  • Boy+Girl: ya ready? Yep. should I step out, or stay with? Oh what the heck lets do this together.
  • Girl goes to BR to freshen up. Boy sets out candles.
  • Girl comes out, sits down across from boy. Boy continues to work on one part of the thing that involves pen and paper.
  • Boy+Girl start lighting various colored candles. Boy explains each one as we light them: you, me, nature, peace, love/passion, God, fun. We put the God candle special in its own drip catching thing.. white of course.
  • Boy gives girl puzzle. Girl doesn't figure out puzzle. Boy grins and shows her how it coulda/woulda said: Molly Will You Marry Me? As the words come out, she sqeee's a bit and says Yes. Boy puts ring on girl's finger.
  • Somewhere in here is the prayer where we continue to create space for spirit in our relationship.
  • Smoochin' ensues.

The rest of the weekend was very fun. We thought it was interesting that some of the activities we did as a newly engaged couple were:
a) Pushups and Crunches (no, really. 50 crunches about killed me, man, i'm out of shape).
b) Took a nap in a car in a parking garage.
c) ate food standing up amongst the vending machines at Wal-mart.

very down to earth. This one's about the partnership... all fanciness aside.

I love my lady. Lookin' forward to mergin' lives with her.


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Awwww, that is very nice. Thank you for sharing.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! How exciting! Congratulations!

Holy Buckets! Congratulations!!

That is so freakin' fabulous! Who knew when I told her long ago that she'd find a fantastic guy who met all her expectations that I already knew him!

Congo rats to the both of you, and I couldn't be happier for you both!

I think its pretty freak'n'fab myself!

So, thank you for you and all your crazy ass idea's lady!

I'm just so happy for you both! I am perfectly happy to be the conduit for happiness. Who knew, I'm so damn evil but my friends keep marrying each other.


Who would have thunk it.
Battle-axe wielding crazy cleric did it after all.


Remember, once, when dealing with your walmart friend, you said: you'd introduce two people, but that was it?


I'm so happy for you!!!!
Love, Darci

Thank you sweetie!

Many, many happy time to you both in the future!

Thanks, Jena. :)
You've hung with me for quite a while.. thank you for being "with" me.

(Deleted comment)
Wonderful! Corey and I are both really happy for you!

Just think.. if you hadn't introduced me to LJ, i would not have known about reading her blog.. and maybe none of this would have happened.

*hug* thank you

congratulations to both of you (although for some reason reanuea journal wont come up.

I wish you both much happiness.

Pppsssttt .... that's because you spelled it wrong. It is reaneau.

No it wouldnt not come up when I clicked on her in my friends list, I know I spelled it wrong, she has like the one name I cant spell :-)

*hugs to M's friend*

Congrats to both of you beautiful people!

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