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Sleep, Glorious sleep
Last night, i did a little bit of my contracting work.. .. i got a whole hour in, before i was _done_. Couldn't take it anymore. I guess working at the day job really saps the code juice out of me.
So i went to bed at 8:30pm... woke up naturally at 5:30am.. stayed in bed till about 7am. VERY nice. Cats snuggled with me.

Work: At work, i'm at 88 estimated hours left on a 124 estimated hour project. (The project started out at 50 hours, and grew). Current ETD (estimated time that its done) is Monday, Nov 19th. I'm excited about this because its the first time i've applied the rigor i had to use on the contracting gig, to a salaried job. Its so much nicer to not have any anxiety when folks ask me, "how's it going?", "what will you have done this week?", etc.

The coding itself is fun. Getting to do things my way.. unit testing, at this point. Have a meeting with a guy who does codesmith templates to see if we can take the drudge out of the DAL... helping with a bit of cross-team training. And Lynn, the guy i'm working with who gave me the assignment, is a fun guy to chat with. (he started back in the punchcard days, and we both used Clipper back in the early 90's, so we understand each other fairly well).

Home: Not much to talk about here. My heart is ... being displaced from my appartment, slowly going over to my girl's place, and that is causing some .. pain, unease, not quite settledness? Is ok. Girl and I are going to St Louis this weekend for a little getaway.. dang, i wanted to call the Shelby's and see if they were around, i'll drop 'em an email, hopefully they'll get it. I don't think they watch LJ anymore.



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