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Doing better now. Others might not be.
Ok. I slept in, ignored the alarm at 8am (CST)... woke up about 9:45am (CST)... and feel somewhat better. Made it down to contintental breakfast..

... there were some folks there talking something Technical. I was wanting to butt in on their conversation and find out what it was they were trying to solve. I guess I'm VERY ready to get back in the game there.


Last night, there was an argument outside my window. This guy (with a big 32oz pop in his hand) was yelling at a girl, in his car: "Get the F*ck Out of My Car!" (x3) "I don't care if this is your wedding night, THIS IS MY CAR, and you're not welcome in it"

The lady got out.. dressed for a wedding. He slammed the doors, locked the car, stormed off into the building, he didn't give a f*ck about her, basically. She stood there in shock, not moving for a while. It was very cold, close to freezing, wind blowing, and she doesn't have a coat on. Then she got out her cellphone and started dialing somebody.

I catch myself wondering: I wonder what their story is?


The waffle maker malfunctioned at breakfast. People before me got waffle spagetti on their plates. I gave up, grabbed an apple and headed out.

Oh wow, its windy out. Going to be a fun drive.

I absolutely positively need to take a day off here somewhere...
Tomorrow: I will not do any contract work. I will only deal with two things: Interview, and return U-Haul Trailer. And then hang with my girlfriend in the evening.


*much love*

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Does your contract work stress you out that much? :)

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