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I am definitely an internet junkie.
So, basically, all week, I have been without personal net access.
Sure, i've had lots of internet time -- but most of it is when I was working. I have a different mindset at those times. I don't take the time to just browse and stuff.

So... after a week, i finally get some time on my laptop, at a hotel, while driving back to Louisville.

And I'm pissed off.

Mostly because.. I'm tired. Some of it is.. i feel like I ignored myself somehow? Was disconnected from people? maybe I'm just another internet addict. Whatever.

I was so... bouncily crazily happy a moment ago too. What changed?


Its about balance. I'm out of balance. I'm in a frickin' truck with a trailer attached to it, I'm fricking 3 hours from home, I didn't want to stop, but it was midnight, and if I had forced my way forward, i would have a fairly sucky tomorrrow. And *THEN* my internet addict dictates unto me: THOU MUST CHECKETH EMAIL BECAUSE THOU HAS MISST SOMETHING IMPORTANT... and no, i didn't. Just some work email, some minor other stuff.

I feel bad about not reading LJ all week. I was working pretty hard. I keep thinking, i'll get caught up, but its like, shit, I don't have any fucking time without borrowing from somewhere else.


This week coming up:
  • Tomorrow, unload the trailer at 2 places. Don't know how I'm going to get it up M's driveway and back out again. Probably won't.
    Somehow find my happiness for M's birthday party and for the rest of the week.
  • Monday, return trailer. Deposit moneys received. Schedule Interview #3 (phone interview). Interview at 4:20pm. I'm a little nervous about that - my first "contracting work" interview. My expectations are jumping around and about to strangle me.
  • Tuesday, back to work, will be the first full day that I can work.
  • Wednesday, another interview with a firm called SHPS.
  • Wed, Thu, Fri, finish off work.


So, in summary: I'm tired, I'm stressed, and my life is out of balance right now, and I'm starting to feel it right now, because i've finally stopped moving from a week (or more)'s worth of constantly being in motion.

Ok. I can deal.

Start with Shower.

And .. i'm glad I got the chance/time to write this out, even if it is full of negative crap. The act of taking the time to write it is helping correct the imbalance that it is about.


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Jeez, don't worry about not reading LJ. :)

Thanks dearie.

Oh, i'm not worried about people being pissed that I'm not reading it. Its more like, OMG! a symptom of being too rushed is, i don't read LJ. I *like* being up to date with what's happening in my friend's lives.

I saw something flash by about your beer cooler on the other list. Didn't read it, but I saw it flash by. :)


Please don't worry about not catching up in LJ. It's not as important as the rest of life.

The girls (and the rest of us!!) miss you, Sunny!!

Thanks dear. (see my above reply to Batteal for details on why its important).

I miss you guys too. I like being called 'NklT'nni.

LJ is not real life.

Heck, I am behind on a lot of things - YAC for example :)

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