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A beautiful day.
Work was Good
I started using some SCRUM stuff.. mostly, the breaking down of features into tasks, assigning estimates to the tasks, and then keeping track as a metric, how much left to be done.
Which lead to another metric, how fast am I going, etc... it decoupled "estimate hours" from "actual hours", although i must say i'm about on par with my estimates right now.
Here's what it looks like:

Hrs LeftTotal EstPercent DoneWork Done (esthrs)TimeSpentActual Time

10/15/2006 17:30:0022220%0

10/16/2006 13:48:0021225%1120.2999999999884

10/16/2006 16:00:0021239%212.20000000001164

10/16/2006 16:47:00232612%310.78333333344199

10/17/2006 0:06:00232715%417.31666666659294

10/17/2006 0:30:00232818%510.40000000008149

10/17/2006 1:06:00243020%610.5999999998603

So.. progress! For this week, i just need to get down to about 11 hours left or so. That should be very doable in 2 days.

With Friends
And, i got to have lunch with my buddies.. listen to Ed's voice go on and on and on.. man, I missed that. Hung out with Benny, probably closer to him right now that we've been in the past... Saw Stu, hung out with him for a bit.. had 2 beers.. Paul Ertz.. Steve Shifflet.. all very good.

Good food
Old Chicago, pizzaaaaaaaa!
Truck Stop
And Good coffee in the morning.

Its now 1:49am, i better get my butt to bed.

Thank you universe, for the wonderful life you have given me. Please help me kick coding ass tomorrow.