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on my way back to ames... found my Busy Corner Cafe!
Driving back to Ames, i figured.. i'll stop at 2 places: Busy Corner, and the place near the amana colonies, across from the big outlet center.

I kept driving and driving and driving and didn't see it.
I figured.. eh. I missed it.
Called Molly to see if she could figure out where it was (I blogged about it before)
And the VERY NEXT EXIT -- yes, it IS on the way to Eureka, just like the Sci Fi show. And I think it might actually be closer to Ames than to Louisville. Will need to find another cool stop closer to Louisville.

Anyway. I'm here! And they still have their wonderful menu and internet connection!

On the way here, I listened mostly to Hanselminutes (catching up). Got introduced to Scrum, which sounds like a WONDERFUL way to manage a software development project ... I especially like that the estimations happen at one spot, and then from then on its all about a sprint of code and focusing on "what's left". And recognizing that people get somewhere between 20 and 32 hours of actual coding time per week.

I'm going to use it for the next 2-3 days of coding on my contract. I wish I had started using it sooner, I could have made the call that things were not going well sooner. As it is, i'm +0 days past delivery date, with about 18 hours of coding work left to do, by my current estimate. At 6 hrs/day, i should be able to pull it off for a wednesday night delivery.

Excuse me while I drool and eat the delicious still warm homemade bread with butter. (PS, i ordered fried chicken. Yumm).

My stay in Ames.. mostly, i'm working during the day. The way its panning out:

Sun nite: Stay with Benny
Mon day: work @ Benny's
Mon night: Movie night, stay with Benny
Tue day: work @ Benny's
Tue night: Dinner with Noumouas, Recovery meeting, stay at Audrey's
Wed day: work somewhere. (don't need an internet connection, could go to my place)
Wed night: Meditation, Recovery meeting, stay at Jeff's
Thu day: early trip to CR, perform training class
Thu night: stay with Lucincia
Fri day: back to Ames, pick up trailer, load up stuff, stay at my place
Sat morn: Recovery meeting, then head out of town, drive to Peoria
Sun morn: Drive the rest of the way, get to Molly's birthday party.

Fun stuff. My apologies to anybody I don't get to see while I'm in town, work is taking priority for the moment.

I have 3000+ speedy rewards points to spend.

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What day is your birthday? i don't remember.

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