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Not much going on...
Well, actually, lots of neat stuff going on. Changes in the Sunny's life.. coming up.. what else is new...

I did learn a lot of geeky stuff. I learned how to use Rhino Mocks, I became pretty good with the MVP pattern (linked to before), and I'm in the glorious guts of adding dynamic controls to a webpage. etc etc. Boring stuff, really.

I want to take the night off... and play. But what to play?
There's Eureka to watch on the Tivo
There's frozen dinner to nuke
There's Pangya... but i'll get to play that tomorrow
I'd love to play with Google Sketchup and map pictures of my old house's insides onto a scale model
I could also go to sleep early tonight.


Lets start with dinner, and go from there.



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