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OMG! White and Nerdy!
well, ok, I'm brown.. but dang this was good.
Rather than taking up too much space, i'll just link to weahawk's post
In other nerdy news, I gave up on NMock. I got things to work (by refactoring messages back out to the UI layer, which is what one would have to do if it was I18N compliant), but i had to stub/expect every single frickin' call. Too crazy.

So now, i'm using a IGenericUI which is basically a Dictionary<string,object>, implemented via a MockUI object which just captures and returns stuff, which can be dumped to see what the current UI state is... as well as implemented by a web form. Forces me to move a lot of logic up to the controller, which is GOOD because I can TEST it then.

Its going better, but dang, i'm feeling like time is slipping. I want to get to a certain place by friday evening, and its getting closer and closer.


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