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Ditty Bops
I recently was introduced by my friend EdH to the Ditty Bops. They have a nice, happy sound to them.. folk stuff, but with some neat music gadgets.. forgive me, i don't know the terminology... They *so* remind me of my happy friends Darci and Alice. Darci sometimes reads this blog, so this is kindof a heads up for her, if she hasn't already heard of them. They have full songs to download from their website, and are available on iTunes.

Alice, btw, is {the/a} fiddle player for both the Porch Stompers, and The Barn Owl Band. She recently made her own CD, which I haven't been able to buy yet, but hope to the next time I make it to Ames. As I write this, i realize.. I miss her. *sniff* Will have to call her soon.

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I willl check them out and I feel happy to be mentioned in such a fun blogy.darci

so cute!

Okay, I'm back- I just listened to them and they make me so happy. I'm bopping around now.

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