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Stay on target... Stay on Target... Luke! you've deactivated your computer!
I totally forgot to put in my previous post about google sketchup. Very nifty 3d modelling package, nice for making buildings real easy like, used to put buildings on the Google Earth map. Best is to look at the quickstart tutorial videos -- Video #3, and then Textures: Using Photos, and then Google Earth Workflow #3.

Cleaning Update: I have now:
- scrubbed the bathtub clean, bleached the shower curtains, and scrubbed the toilet.
- done 3 loads of laundry including all comforters
- sorted through big tub of clothes that came back from Iowa
- watched several TV episodes (SG-1, Atlantis, Eureka)
- hung out with my neighbor Jim C and his buddy Travis
- given them my business card(s) and talked to two possible clients whom Travis called on his phone.
- made some decisions on how to approach my business. (*)
- eaten pot roast leftovers cooked by my luvin'

I still have several hours of cleanup to do, but now its down to somewhat more manageable levels. Mostly picking-up and finding-homes for things, some sweeping, some mopping, and some vacuuming. That will be tomorrow.

(*) The hunter slowly and carefully moved through the jungle, flitting from shadow to shadow, crossing the maze of treelimbs with sure catfooted grace. He saw his prey.. scooted back.. tensed every fiber of his immortal being... and dropped down with a chat:
Hunter: Hello there, Business! How are you doing?
Business: Quite smashing, i wasn't expecting you!.
Hunter: But NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Okay, more serious. It has to do with.. i've been reluctant to get involved with a lot of small business operators.. think that what I do would be about fixing existing scripts, or making them a web page, or something which simply does not interest me. But the other side of the thing is: If they have a problem that they are seeking guidance on, and I have a clue about how to approach solving their problem, then I'd love to share that solution with them... and if it turns out to be something that I can do, then we can talk business.. but not to turn down the opportunity to talk to them to find out what their problem is. Maybe I'll end up just "leading" a project or being an advisor on their project for a few hours a week... that would totally work for me.

So .. i think i'll be adopting a "free initial consultation" policy. During which i try to figure out what's going on for them and give them guidance, suggestions, or a flat out "this is out of my element" kind of answer. Which, interestingly enough, is exactly what Xmlx does. And this would cover the cases of:
- some folks that L.F. would like to have talk to me (convenant technologies?)
- these two people who got my business card(s) tonight. One is a mattress supplier to various hospital chains across the states, and the other is thinking about setting up a website with a shopping cart.
- who knows who else? If nothing else, i can pass-through business for my buddies - Ed, Lambert, Benny, etc.

Xmlx, btw, is the consulting side of Scott Hanselmann of HanselMinutes. He's definitely a more evolved programmer than me, and I like it -- gives me lots of stuff to learn and play with. I especially like what he said: The best programmer to be is to be one without ego. I love that statement, it appeals to me, and it is where I intend to be.


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