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OFFER: Mitsubishi CK-3514R 35" Console TV (Crestwood)
The TV has been spoken for. Thank you very much.

My girlfriend's grandparents have a TV they would like to give away.
Location: just outside Crestwood, KY -- suburb of Louisville.
It is a Mitsubishi CK-3514R, 35" Console TV.
It is very heavy. 300-500 lbs? It does have wheels, thank God.
It has a slight problem with sound -- the sound will cut in, then cut out, loud, then soft. Probably a loose wire in it somewhere. It has hookups to feed an external stereo system, so I don't see this as being a problem.

Click on the photographs to get to a flickr page where you can look at a larger version of the picture.
DSC02212 DSC02213 DSC02214 DSC02215 DSC02217

If you are interested in taking this TV, then please email me with when you would be available to pick it up. I will need to coordinate with the grandparents to determine a suitable time for me to come over with you to pick it up. It is on their back porch right now.

You will need to provide at least 3 beefy people to try to pick this thing up. It will not fit in a normal car.
I volunteer the use of my truck to get it from grandparent's to your place, but because of my back, I cannot help a lot with the lifting.

I will keep this web page updated as to the status of whether the item is spoke for or not. Once it is picked up, I will send the post to freecycle saying that it is taken.

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LOL.....gee where was this cool offer when I was shopping for a TV a year or so ago! ::: snicker ::: 35 beats a 32 in any day! BTY...good luck with moving, it was pure hell getting the 32 moved and into the apt.

:) Thanks.

Heh, you should know that thanks to your podcast(s) (which, i haven't listened to 19 or 20 yet, and halfway through SGL #1)... i ordered SG-1 Season 8 disk 1, and watched it tonight. All kinds of fun behind the scenes commentary.. and THE CAMEO of CAMULUS my favorite Nee-chee-yun. (don't ask me to spell that).

And if you haven't tried a jumble cookie at Whole Foods, you must do so. They are simply divine.

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