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Yayness! A productive day!
I woke up this morning about 7am, and started _doing_ stuff. Lots of home-stuff.. like various kinds of financial accounting (setting up a forecasting system in MsMoney based on average length of time that it has taken my client to get checks to me)... looking into moving my insurance to Kentucky...

Then, a bunch of spec writing for my current contract, and some very cool estimation... Used to be, i used to scoff these parts of doing projects. Now they are like... so necessary! I've become quite good. The last project I did.. estimated and actual time were within 10 hours of each other. And the whole forecasting thing.. i used to ignore those parts of the company meeting presentations.. and now, its like very very important. Ah well, growth.

And then got to about 4pm, and I was *done*. Wow? 4pm? Duh, oh yeah, i started at about 7am or so... have about 6 hours of energy (at the rate I go).. yep. Done.

So, moving on to fun personal things, like Blockbuster Online! .. got my 30 movies in my queue. First one up is hopefully Stargate SG-1 Season 8 Disk 1. And i figure the 2 free movies a month coupons.. can give those to my lovelies. *evil grin*

And next up.. offloading pics from the camera for some freecycling...

All while i'm playin' W.O.W, doing some grind.

Good day. My lady, reaneau is making dinner tonight! *bounces*
Gotta remember to bring Ice and Stuff.


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