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Holy Crap, that was a long day.
And it was a good day. In brief:
- I spent a bunch of time at a MSDN event in Cincinatti (covering Atlas, WFC (the replacement for web services), and an overview of the new things in the .Net 2.0 namespace)
- I stopped at Whole Foods for a bit of shoppin'
- I went to a meeting, where I was Hijacked
- I spent good time with my friend Ted

About MSDN Event:
I'm not even going to try to cover everything that I learned here... but i can say the highlights. From this free event, I learned:
  • How to programmatically send very rich emails complete with images and stuff embedded in the email.
  • How to upload/download asynchronously (easily)
  • A lot about the WebClient API (which also handles everything FTP related, and more).... 4 lines to an FTP uploader program!
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation): All about using TCP, Web Services, or Named Pipes for remoting things over the new "SOA" architecture (which is basically, a message passing paradigmn for breaking up large apps. Pretty standard stuff, was using it already, didn't know it had a name). Gives me definite ideas on how to structure the BLL for the work I'm doing right now so its .Net 3.0 compatible. Its all about "contract" (interface), "binding" (TCP, HTTP, etc), and "address" (URI, or ip address/port number, etc).
  • M$'s approach to AJAX. (AJAX is what makes Google Maps so cool). Breaks down to two approaches: a) the client does the update calls, and then updates the html elements, b) the server uses what's called an "update" panel, and those controls which know about on-the-fly updating, render javascript to on-the-fly update themselves. Almost magical results. .... basically, they carved a channel back to the .aspx page which lets the page act as a "broker" to an individual web control, so that the web control can send a partial update to the client-side version of itself. Its nice. Btw, the name Atlas is no longer... its now called ASP.Net AJAX Extensions.
  • That I am not a big fry. My ego wants to be, but i'm not.
  • I'm glad I understand things so quickly. :) It makes this line of work, LOTS of fun.

Hijackin' at a Meetin:
I accepted this position as Alternate Group Rep at one of the meetings that I go to. Two people used to run the position before. One of them says: No worries, i'll go with you to the next meeting, which is in October, till then, you don't need to do anything. Other one says: There's this thing coming up this weekend on Saturday, here's the signup sheets, go get 'em.

I had to pull a boundary on #2 -- letting him know that I'm frustrated, because I'm hearing multiple things about what I should be doing -- and then letting him know I'm willing to do the announcement, and also pick up literature for the event, but I cannot be at the event, because I have other commitments. I also let him know my source of frustration -- no consistent story. #2 then consulted with #1 very quickly, they synched up, and everything was fine after that.

End result is, i got 2 folks to sign up for the 3 slots on Saturday.. which is fine. its just standing around handing out literature at a booth at a healthy family resources thing.

My job is to go to the LDC (literature distribution center) this week (Thursday) and pick up some free literature to be given out on Saturday, then to either a) get it there Saturday morning, or b) get it to Daniel S who will be doing the first shift there. No prob, i've been wanting to check out this 10am Thursday meeting, and find the LDC, for a little while now.

Hanging with Ted was great. We talked about music, recording, Pluto, debt, financial burdens, relationships, and several other things... I also tried a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks.. horrible.. the ladies, at my asking, replaced it free of charge with a Chai Latte, which was great.

I'm highly considering getting the cheapest version of Netflix so that I can get various movies in my list polished off. Kinda like my allowance with iTunes.

Oh! and Peter Cole wrote to me! He's a musician I bought a CD from through CD-Baby... he used to go to my high school. :)

Ok, that's about it for now. Love 'n' peace 'n' stuff

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Look into Blockbuster deal. You get coupons to use at local stores too. Look online and see if their selections meet your need. We just cancelled Netflix and signed up with Blockbuster.

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