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End of a good day.
I finally got at least something started up at the website for my consulting gig. Its not much, but its better than nothing. Probably the most important part is to give information to the people who might have work for me, some idea of when I might be available. I'm not sure what else i would do to it to make it into a real marketing tool... i'm sure there's some UI clean up, and a cooler skin, and probably some verbage changes, my old boss said I'm usually too informal in my business language..

Anyhoo. Take a look.

In other news: I get to start my next project tomorrow. W00T! ... and M+I played WoW tonight (She's on the 10 day free trial).. it was kinda fun. Very frustrating at times though. Wish it had the mapdrawing things that GW has.. and the targetting stuff. Probably does, just don't know how to use it yet.

Server: Tanaris
Character: Onidalar, Tauren Shaman lvl 8
Molly: Ottermoofire, Tuaren Druid lvl 7

Folks seem to be relatively more polite on WoW.. to an extent.

And I love my girl.

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and great news!
your girl loves you.

Ok now that we have grossed out the entire LJ population...

I am in the process of clearing my plate for the weekend so I can do some WoW discovery or research or play my head off.

and some house work, I will do some house work too.

*drools over geeky babe*

have I mentioned I think your character is really hot?
She has lots of nice curves.

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