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A good day. With Chocolate References.
1. Happy Birthday dreamline! (thank you LJ for reminding me).

2. Today was a good day.

It wasn't like, a BEST day, like Stam's Choclate. But, as far as days go, it was reasonably somewhere in the good zone.

I woke up fairly late.. around noon.. and my strength was starting to return. I used a netti pot (salt water up your nose) thing to wash out my sinuses.. OMG that hurt.. like inhaling liquid choclate would... and proceeded from there to take care of some Financial Business.

Finances.. umm.. yeah. I dunno if I journaled it or not, but I discovered that I was in denial about how I was spending $. Now awakened, I look forward to correcting the situation, but in the mean time, i'm liquidating some funds from a company I used to work for. Costly mistake, yep, but definitely one that I made, and nobody else to blame. Just like this Peanut Butter Hershey's Kiss that I'm about to eat.. can't blame that on anybody else. Just me.

I then proceeded to do some Work Stuff... stuff which was fairly smooth, yet very short, like a 2 oz Hershey's Choclate Mini bar.

Follow that up with a whiff of girl-lovin'.. i checked in on my wonderful reaneau, snuggled on her a bit, put her food on a plate, etc.. crunchy, like a Nestle Crunch Bar... Time with her is always tasty. This one was especially filled with warm snuggledyness.

Went to a meeting, hung out with lots of folks, lots of variety, similar to what I assume this might be: White Belgian Chocolate Filled Truffle Assortment by Telluride Truffle of Telluride, Colorao.

Had a coffee with my buddy Ted, catching up on how things are going for him.. his hand is much better, but still can't play guitar... one on one conversation. Sorry, i can't think of something choclate assocated with this.

And then played Pangya. Jeff was plagued with intermittent network problems, none of us had an excellent game, but we did talk about the costs involved in having a family... they're going to try something neat involving an outfit in Rochester that prepares frozen dinners for them to pick up..

And now here.

And i'm going to make myself... i want a cup of hot choclate. I have some Allegro Single Origin Drinking Choclate: Costa Rican 64... heat up some milk, oh yeah.


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