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I hade being sig
Ok, its not that bad.. i've been much sicker in the past. Just really tired of nasal drippage and stuff. Allergies, that time of year for me again.

It seems that my body has told me: Thou Shalt Slow Down.

I've about entertained myself to death now. Did a bunch of WoW -- Tauren Shaman lvl 7 now, i like the Shaman -- playing by myself though is getting fairly boring. New server, not a lot of people on it.

Listened to some speakers on tape, watched a bit of TV, and slept a whole bunch.

I'm about ready to goto sleep again. Just gotta drink a bunch more water first.

There's a deeper current going on too, though. Something like: What the heck is my life about? What am I trying to accomplish? Underlying spiritual dis-ease. Its not about entertainment, i know that for sure. Something something mumbles around in the back of my psyche. I've tried to let it out to chat with it, but it hasn't come out yet.

Good things today:
- Got to spend time with my girl... be helpful, a bit.
- Got to spend time alone, while my girl was napping. That was good too.
- Put the cats in the crates and put them outside for 5 minutes, this time I didn't forget them. They were not whining when I brought them back inside.
- Lemon Cayenne Pepper tea, made with real lemons and honey.

Good Night. (i've been up for 3 hours, and i'm about out of E again. Much recharge mana...)

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I am sickly too.
So is ma sister...
Not sure its allergies, but it is something.

I went to bed at 11:45 and the dogs wanted out, so here I am.
I am not going the lemon tea yet-nightquil fer me-not bad.

I am going back to bed for another 1.5 hours and then weeeee d.

Here's to rest!

Wow does that tea sound good!

And, dude, go play on a server with someone you know, silly! ;) So much more fun.

My husband is suffering horribly from allergies too. It's a little hard for me to understand, because I don't have much of that, and I fuckin' love the outdoors and having the windows open and shit, and he can't stand it right now. It induces an allergic haze of foggy, pissed-off miserableness for him. (So, air-conditioning everywhere, and taking respite indoors as much as possible, blah.)

In a weird way, it's cool to hear someone else is enduring the same shit, though. We share your pain. Tea - does that help? My sister claims it does; opens the sinuses, etc.

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