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Welcome to my new home via the movie Elizabethtown
Molly and I recently watched Elizabethtown together. She knew it had been filmed near and/or around here... so when we watched it, it was with pad and pencil in hand.

What I would like to invite you to do is, rent or otherwise acquire the movie... in a form where you can see the hh:mm:ss timecode.. and then watch the movie with us, as we point out the definitely Kentucky things that we found. (Or, just read the list.)

  • 0:17:05 - Claire is right. The correct pronunciation is Loo-uh-vul.
  • 0:17:45 - The map she draws is very correct. Actually, to get to Elizabethtown from Louisville is very straightforward: Go down I65 to the E-town exit, and there you have it. We had a soccer tournament there recently.
  • 0:22:45 - That is really Louisville Airport. Looks like they're starting from one end of the terminal, and then walking to the centerplace where the Starbucks is.
  • 0:23:38 - Lots of driving scenes. They are definitely not on the way to E-Town! In rapid succession, we identified:
    - Going towards downtown on I71
    - ?
    - I64 to I71N near the stadium and the skate park
    - 2nd Street Bridge going from IN->KY
    - I65 South (several scenes) including going past Churchill Downs
    - I64 East going through the tunnel (I drive through that tunnel every Tuesday to get to a meetin')
    - Tractor with Black Barn, followed by 1694, 1659, and 2331 - these are rural routes near where Molly lives. (Indian Crossroads of America scene is somewhere totally different).
    - "Did I Miss 60B?" -- he's parked off 329, near where Molly goes to work every T+Th.
    - I65 Exit 94 to Elizabethtown
  • 0:32:20 - The Aunt is acted by Paula Dean, who'se a well known southern cookin' lady round these parts. Her two sons currently have a show on Food Network.
  • 0:34:17 - Quinn used to scream like that.
  • 0:38:33 - The scene with the starlight is fake. Stars do NOT shine like that round here. Its way too foggy and wet.
  • 0:40:59 - The "ear-X-tacy" sticker is from a relatively famous music store in the Highlands area. I have a bumper sticker like that, not yet attached to my vehicle.
  • 0:41:17 - These scenes are definitely Downtown Louisville. That is in fact the Brown Hotel. Molly wanted to stay there for this weekend but they were booked solid.
  • 0:52:00 - The scene with Chuck.. M said: That's like my dad. Or maybe I said it? M's comment: 'Drunk people can be so much fun.'
  • 1:01:43 - Cave Hill Cemetary!
  • 1:03:46 - As he walks along the street, the sign that says LEO Magazine - that's a local, very liberal magazine
  • 1:03:58 - The gas station where they almost kiss -- there's a Derby Horse (Gallopalooza)
  • 1:44:12 - This is the junction of 329 and 1694, also very near Molly's house.

So.. there ya have it. Looking at the list now.. perhaps not as exciting. Its my first time living someplace which made it into a movie.. i suppose Chicago and NY people get that all the time.. my closest previous brush with fame was "Iowa" in Field of Dreams. :)



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