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I'm loosing my mind...
This is VERY wierd.

I just noticed that the date is September 3rd. This was a shock for me.. because... yesterday, I honestly believed that I had just missed April Fool's day.

The only reason I noticed that I was in the WRONG MONTH was... when I saw the article that dreamline posted about CrocHunter's death.. i was like, this has to be an April's fools joke, I'll point that out to her, haha, and I checked the date on the article, and it said September ...

And i was like, is that an old article?

And then it flooded in.
Dang. Denial can be a bitch. Is this akin to a break from reality?

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That was totally my first thought as well.

And second.

And third.

I didn't start believing it until I turned on the tv and saw all the old footage being shown.

Crap. B-(

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