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Having finally gotten caught up in M$Money ....
I have come across several sobering truths:

a) I double-paid my rent last month. Did a direct check as well as an automatic check. This is a good thing, it means I'm ahead.
b) I have to really buckle down on spending. I'm still spending more than I hope to be earning. Eating out way too much, and going out of town way too much.
c) I have to sell the house sooner rather than later.
d) I need to cook more at home.

Granted, its not easy to estimate income with how my work is right now.. but dang, there's a lot of mandatory outflow that I cannot do much about.

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I can completely relate.

I am a little addicted to eating out. I don't like to cook much, and I find myself with little time for food prep (read: I'm REEELY lazy), I'm gone most of the time, etc etc.

Here are some things that have worked for me.
1) I bought a cooler to put in the trunk of my car. Since I'm gone all day, I can carry sandwich meats, salad stuff, fruit, cold drinks, etc around with me. There IS an investment in ice, but I can usually keep it in the bag, freeze it overnight, and make it last a week. Downside #2 is that I have to make myself take the cooler out of my car and clean it every night (see, I told you, I'm REEELY lazy).

2) Dollar meals. There are lots of ways to eat for a buck or two per meal with little or no prep. Look for microwavable stuff, pre-made stuff like potato salad, cans of tuna with mayonaisse packets, fruit, dollar burgers from fast food restaurants, etc.

3) Treat yourself ONCE IN A WHILE. This serves two functions: first, you don't jones for your favorite dish from your favorite eat-out place. Second, you come to think of eating out as something SPECIAL, not an every-day occurrance.

I'm still struggling with this, but I have made some progress. I found that it was extra-difficult to try to be inexpensive and healthy at the same time, so I focused on cheap first and then tried to move towards healthy (or vice versa). Good luck to you!

thank you dear!
its nice to know i'm not alone on this challenge.


I like your picture! Very cool.

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