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World of Warcraft, anyone?
Hey folkses.. So, i've decided to check out a MMORG that i've had my eye on for a while... I purchased World of Warcraft today.
I'm about to load it up.. I understand I need to choose a server side to play on. Currently, i'm thinking about joining up with a well-established guild: The Amazon Basin...

anyhoo. Here goes. If any of you are WoW'ers, where do you play? I'll post toon info here soon...

I think a Hunter will work.. Its like Rangers from guildwars, which is still the class I enjoy the most. Either that, or a straight warrior... I figure i'll end up deleting the character and starting over once I have my feet wet. Gah! Decisions!... hate decisions.
Galoris (Lvl 3 Hunter)
Gloracy (Lvl 4 Priestess)

Turns out I like being a Priest(ess) more than a Hunter..

I dunno. Its a little grind-ish.. i'm used to Guildwars where there seems to be a lot more tactical going on. I did group up with a few people, it was ok, but very haphazard.

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We're never going to see Sunny again in another game.

Assuming you vaguely remember me from VH. :)

Mello plays as Ollem (clever eh?) on the Doomhammer server. My guild is If you're every around, drop me a line, and I'll offer whatever help I can.

Chris M.

Mello! long time no chat! I visited the website, looks like a ton of fun. Should I sign up to the guild now (and transfer my characters over to DoomHammer) or wait till I get up a few levels?


We allow 2 Friends & Family Apps a month. And I think there's a queue right now. :)

But if you app, then you can be next in line. Just be sure to mention me in your app.

As for transfers. That's up to you, if you wanna wait till your app is approved, cool. If you wanna come over now, and see the sights on Doomhammer, that's cool too.

Chris M.

We play on Runetotem, and we're in the Chaos and Mayhem guild. It's the guild for employees/customers/friends of Mayhem Comics. They're not picky about your level or anything.

Welcome to WOW! :-D

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