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Amazing.. give me a day alone with myself, and I Post a bunch of stuff.

Quickly, a shout out to a cool online web comic: No Pink Ponies. About a geeky comic lovin' girl who opens up a comic shop so she can be closer to the cute guy who becomes her employee. Or something like that.

And.. this other one: No Room For Magic ... looks pretty cool too.

On the subject of Comics, and X-Men:

I recently read all of 1977-1983 X-Men. In this space, I got to read:
  • Jean Grey becoming Phoenix for the first time... thru the emergence of Dark Phoenix
  • The origin of Mutant X
  • Beast's re-defection from Avengers back to the X-Men
  • Meet Kitty Pryde and the Dazzler

This is important to me, because, while growing up, did not have regular access to comic books. So I knew about:
  • Mutant X's death, but not his birth.
  • Phoenix's trial, but not her crime(s) or her origin
  • and many other little loose ends

I guess my inner comic-luvin' child is very very happy. The story is now complete(d).
There's another set of reading to do.. around the #190 thru about #250 range.. introducing the Reavers and the "death and disappearance" of the X-Men.. from the early 1990's. I'll get to those ... not right now.

Also, its interesting -- as I look at the comics as an Adult.. damn, Kitty Pryde was drawn as a skinny 13-year old girl. But to my 12-year old boy, damn she was hot stuff. :) Its interesting to have both pieces of info floating through my brain. And I think my 12-year-old boy had a big crush on somebody named Ant Girl from the Avengers at the time too. And Marvel Girl. But they were like busty full grown women, out of my league for sure. Kitty was much more accessible.

My 12-year-old boy was most annoyed to find out that in one of the Marvel Universes, Peter Parker is dating Kitty Pryde. Ewwwwwww. Isn't he like 40 or something by now? how does one judge a comic character's age? But turns out, she's like supposedly late 20's or early 30's now.. so i suppose.. begrudgingly.. yeah.

I do have very fond memory.. as a late teen, going to Cosmocomics (before sold and rebranded as Mayhem) -- the guy there let me read all the comics in the collection. That's so unusual.. but I'm also so grateful to him. He gave me a safe place to go at the time. Much later, he drew a boundary with me... which is ok. now I actually can buy the comics that I read.


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