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Dinner, TKD, etc
In another 10 minutes or so.. the rice should be puffed up enough.. making curry chicken with rice recipe in slow cooker. Yummmmmmmm

TKD was very fun tonight! I didn't try so hard to impress.. and actually had fun.. didn't pass out... was able to show a newcomer some of the ropes and be helpful.. and there's a subtle change in mental attitude that happens whenever I get a good workout. Prior to workout, its like, "eh, not important, got other shit going on".. after workout its like, "I am so glad I went! can I go every day? huh huh please? that other stuff is not so important". So its a good thing that I go.

I did get my yellow belt, 1 stripe -- which means "decided", meaning I did well in my testing. On a scale of 10 to 1, I'm at an 8 instead of a 9. (White=10, Yellow=9,8 Green=7,6 Blue=5,4 Red=3,2,1)

I did have a mini-rant inside myself.. but, its better put under a friends-only filter. The rant is.. kinda fading.. sadness remains.

Good day. Cheerio, my lovelies.

Oh, and Q has gotten good enough to get a -14 on blue lagoon. Shit, that's better than what I can do. *might have to practise more and get really serious*



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