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Geeky Update
1. My profile on -- and somebody has asked for Marley and Me. I'm a moochin' it! will figure out how tomorrow.
2. I just picked up X-Men 40 year anniversary DVD -- all Uncanny Xmen comics from 1964 till Aug 2005. *drool*
3. I got done watching Clone Wars II. Muy bien.
4. I visited -- they're based here in Louisville -- got done reading the stuff I got from them.
5. I am being creative in coding for work.

Life is good.
Soccer is... ooooo ... hmm.. more later.

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Sounds like you've been having some fun! :)

Any chance you want to join me (and possibly Giyota & Family) in going to AnimeIowa next year? *GRINS* It'll be cool!


do I *have* to dress up? I don't like doing the costume thing. Its way too much stress.

No, you don't have to dress up! It was actually fun to show up on Sunday in regular clothes. Then you can chuckle and know that no one was chuckling at YOU! *grins*

I *loved* your kid vid costume! Don't say it was stressful! You looked GREAT! :)

K. You're on. As long as I'm not alone. :)
And if you guys want to dress me up (in a MALE outfit), i'm game. I can be your manny-kin.

(As of now, I'm opening up my inner costume geek to get a feel for something to wear... something that I can put together.)

Just watch some anime and let me know what catches your eye. :) I've got a Pretear costume in my head to get out - and now significantly less time to create it in. *sighs* I could certainly make suggestions, etc.

Also - since this is a con, there is an admission fee. When I signed up, it was $25 - but I think their standard fee for preadmission is $35. I _strongly_ suggest pre-admission. At the door payment is $50. *shock* I'll send you a link as soon as they start advertising next year's con. *hugs*

Wouldn't that be Sunny-kin? Hee. :)

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