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The Bunny has Left Ames
My house at 227 Dotson Drive is now almost-vacant, and for sale.

Most importantly.. i have *gasp* cancelled the internet connection at that house. There's no way I can live there anymore. :) I'm writing this from the microtel in Des Moines, where I stopped for the night.

Last night, i was deeply philosophical about the various meanings of all of this stuff for me. This morning.. mostly, i want to go take a shower, and then get haulin' down the road. I'm a goin' HOME... to my home in Louisville. Thanks to a lady, a boy, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a cast of interesting characters, its a great home.


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Felt like it was time for one, man. I'm very happy for you!

Iowa will miss you, Sunny! :) But, It's so good to see you so happy!!!!


btw, M has apparently known about the dolls for a while.. she has a person on her friends' list who is a collector. Apparently.. as M has a fear of clowns.. and the dolls look kinda like clowns.. they trigger the fear in her. Alas.. if I get a doll (which I likely would not, i would get transformers first), it will be exiled from her house. *grin*

You could always buy one and then donate it to my family when you need to have it exiled! I have really been having fun making things for them - and the Labyrinth couple is starting to become a reality. I couldn't be more pleased. :)

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