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Freecycle post: Fencing Materials
This post goes along with a posting to freecycle.

Click on the pictures to get bigger pictures.

These are left over pieces of cat-fencing material. Details at: for the new stuff. This is not a complete set.

DSC022013 pieces of black chicken wire -- 3ft, 6ft, and "longer" (9ft?)

DSC02203DSC022022 rolls of black, flexible netting - one of the rolls has chicken wire attached on the bottom, the other does not. This was used in a cat fence; the material is strong yet flexible, cats do not trust it with their weight. Rabbits can eat through it, which is why there is chicken wire on the bottom. Its supposed to be deer-proof. The material, being black, is almost invisible against vegetation, as you can see in this next picture: DSC02207

DSC022081 "gate" built out of rods and the black flexible netting. There is a run of chicken wire along the bottom.

DSC022068 black steel posts with "^" attachments
10 black steel posts new, never used.
1.5" Diameter, 8ft long.

DSC02205Box of Ground stakes. Very useful for anchoring the bottom of chicken wire stuff into the ground, so bugs bunny cannot go underneath it.

The following are not related to cat fence material:

DSC022041 Green Low Profile Toilet - never been used, as far as I know.

DSC022101 Furnace cover.

DSC022091 piece of large abstract art? Its very pretty, I am loathe to cut it up and throw it away.

All of these are located at 227 Dotson, Ames IA, either in front of or to the side of the garage.


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