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I am a Geek!
Having just visited my buddies in CR... i am reminded.. I AM A GEEK!
Enjoyed watching over Michael's shoulder as he played LOTR: something or the other battle something. I haven't played a RTS warfare game since Starcraft..
Enjoyed watching a funky Anime movie with Kathy, based off FF7...
Then, while going home listening to episode 14 (i'm behind by several episodes) of listening to battlestar galactica stuff, and the latest in comics.. i actually remember some of the DC multiple universe crisis from 1986..

oh yeah. I love it.

Gonna have to work more geekiness in.

In the mean time, PANGYA! with my buddy Q.

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Glad to hear you had a good time - and geeks are very good company! You're never alone. :)

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