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On the subject of life...
Hung out with my buddy DN today.. we cleaned windows. We were very mindful.. one window at a time, windex, inside and out. (he's a recently started practising bhuddist, which I think is so cool, it fits him so well).

I believe there will be two teenage boys doing some painting work in the basement tomorrow. I'll be leaving the cash for them.. J says they are reliable.

The cleansing of the house is going very well!
  • PHASE 1: Decluttering -- almost everything is gone from the house proper, only thing left is to get the stuff i'm keeping into the garage (after cleaning the garage), as well as some strategic "arrangement" of the stuff i need in the house to live in it for this week.
  • PHASE 2: Cleaning -- the hardest part, the windows, is done. Several minor things to go, and some major sweeping and hosing of basement and garage. Also some yardwork
  • stuff. And a few light fixtures. And the roof gutters. And washing the outside of the house. And the standard inside things. (ok, maybe lots to go yet).
  • PHASE 3: Minor repairs -- some treelimb cutting, caulking, replacement glass in windows, etc to be started. Touchup paintwork as well.
  • PHASE 4: Extra Beautification -- don't know if I'll get here, but if I do, it involves weeding, roundup + extra gravel for the driveway, filling some cracks in pavement, etc.

I spent the evening with galleynews and his wife J... got my soul filled back up with good company. We also played with my senseo machine a bit (really, a disaster) and ate yummy home cooked indian food (biryani pudding, also possibly a disaster), and ... wonderful. Their spirit shines through.

Tomorrow, looking forward to heading to CR to see lucincia and keelyvh, although weather might change plans possibly. We shall see.

Starting Monday, i'll be back at consulting-work -- going to try to work 4-5 hours during the hotter part of the day, leaving the mornings and evenings to work on the house.

(thank you universe for a wonderful day)

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Looks like the weather seems nice - there is only a possibility for a t-storm in the evening. It might be wise to come earlier in the day... maybe go for lunch instead of dinner? Or an early dinner? Sure looks like a beautiful day right now! :)

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