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House is being listed.
I just got done signing stuff with the Realtor. For the next 180 days, Tom Randall will be trying to sell my house... listed on the MLS and stuff. Initial price point set at $124,500, which felt reasonable to me.

He's given me homework.

First off, is the seller disclosure paperwork, to be dropped off tomorrow.
Then, three stages: Clean, Repair, Manicure.

  • Entryway -- acorns, remove twigs, clean door, touchup paint, clean gutters above. Possibly even remove tree limbs blocking view of the house.
  • Windows. Biggest return for least investment. Spotless, maximum natural light.
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms.
  • This includes decluttering and getting rid of stuff, so that things *can* be cleaned.
  • Washing walls, touchup paint wherever.
  • Light Fixtures - removal of dead bugs, put bulbs in everywhere.

  • Replace Carpet in LR -- because of cat litter smell. Pretty much impossible to remove, go with a neutral color.
  • Bleach and Paint basement walls.
  • Fix shutoff valve for faucet in bathroom.

  • Cleaning out gutters.
  • Re-gravel the entryway, liberal use of roundup.
  • Yard Debris
  • Anything and everything.

Like.. wow. Maybe I'll be here longer than a week. *sigh*

Okay. Easy does it, keep it simple.. and first things first.. and pray.. and lets get to it. With lots of little naps in the middle. I'm glad I can make my own hours for right now...

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-heh- That would buy one floor and maybe a small closet of our place.

Bleach the walls? What's that all about?


When it rains really heavy, and the gutterspout thingy is not in place, moisture comes in through the walls in the basement. Around these entry points, its got water stain stuff, possible moldiness.

Then, additionally, the dehumidifier hasn't been running all summer.. i forgot to turn it on, and the tenant didn't know about it.

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