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OMG! (On the road)...
I am on the road. I just stopped in a place called "The Busy Corner" Family Restaurant.. in Goodfield, IL... here's the link to a google map... ... and OMG it is like THE place to stop.

They have Wireless.
They have a rocking chair out front for two.
The lady saw my laptop bag and found me a spot with a power outlet.
Their coffee is Delish! (Sorry m'dear, had to use it).

I have pictures, which will be uploaded later and appended to this post. Behold (or pretend): The Peanut Butter Oreo Slice of Pie and Coffee. Yumm.

My trip is going well. I've broken it up into 1+3+3+3 hours.. in my second 3 right now. Each 3 hours has an extra hour of hanging out/not driving in there.. my stops have been: {somewhere in Indiana}, Champaign IL, and now here.. next target is Bettendorf.

In each 3 hours, I'm trying to actively *do* different stuff. I've listened now to:
  • Louisville Ghostcast -- not so good.
  • Stargate SG-1 Louisville (*** Highly recommend, will be following up on this one. Lots of side references to serenity and firefly based podcasts, which I shall also be following up on)
  • A bit of my Guitar Hero playlist
  • Daily Source Code from this last wednesday -- I enjoy listening to Mr. Curry.
Links will be added

I even took a wrong turn.. drove up I55 to Chicago for a bit, only a few miles, before I recovered. Gas prices are ick -- $2.95 first stop, $3.09 this stop.

And i've let my mind wander.. and I'm coming up with plans for a website to represent my business. Which continues to seem to have the relatively unimaginative yet very honest name of "Sunjeev Gulati Consulting". It even includes some DNN programming to show off a bit of what it is I like to create...

... its dangerous, being on a drive in my head. I seem to solve the world's problems.

Anyway. *I LOVE YOU ALL*



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