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So Many Things!
There are so many things I could be doing right now.... its delicious. The beauty is: I AM CAUGHT UP on all the really important stuff. I can now rest easy for a bit.. play.. relax...

Slept in till 12:30 today. Delicious.

Oooo yes, i can contact folks in Ames and figure out stuff to do for the week! I need to shuffle some stuff already.. so many people I could contact. Wow.

For today, though... What can I do to help my life go easier.

  • I could go to Goodwill, drop some stuff off.
  • I could go to bookstore, pick up a Benford book or other such bookages.
  • I could check out audiobooks for my drive. (I'm probably going to drive straight thru -- 10 hours -- leaving early Saturday morning.)
  • I did just call my friends Benny and Siju letting them know about plans. *bounce*
  • I guess I could clean my house up a bit. (bleah.)

  • I could play 18 holes of Pangya. (just because)
  • I could play with more Tivo video extraction + DVDLab and try to make a good video.
    Perhaps.. of the US games in the world cup series. Just to know that I can, so I know my toolset, for when I have to. Turns out that Andrew Steitz (the soccer coach / techie guy) can probably use straight MPG, so we have a solution there for him -- pulling MPG of the Tivo, put it on external drive, hook up drive to his laptop, and download. Then he's going to pick out pieces from those games for "demo" to his kids to show them various tactics.

So.. life is good. :)