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Obsessed about work...
You know the standard lines.. "haven't been updating LJ... should start doing that again.."... standard stuff. And its all true!

About Work
I think I am caught up now, at work. The quick story is:

I didn't take the work seriously at first. It was more of a play thing. "Oh, there will be plenty of time". It caught up to me. I started taking it very seriously.

Then i had to make a decision: Go to livingdeadpan and miss_swamp's wedding or work. I decided to go. I'm glad I went. I sure hope I got her LJ username correct. Pictures of the wedding (Flickr Pool):

Upon returning, i started pretty much keeping my focus on work. As of today.. almost there.. once I make a drop to my client, I will have met all needed contractual obligations in the specification. Is this "done"? When is done "done"? I guess in this case, it means, I feel comfortable invoicing them... so I can get paid.

I've come to a realization about being a self-employed consultant. I have a need to forecast, to know what I'm doing, for about the next 6 weeks. So, if there is not worked lined up, i need to go find it. So far, my client has tons of work for me, so i haven't hit that need yet... although, there's a company in Ames that was interested in using me for something as well. Interesting thing: both clients read my journal, sometimes. You know who you are.

It seems like, as a consultant, it would be good for my portfolio to have more than one client. Yet, i am loath to jump back and forth between clients, as my current client is in a sticky place -- they're redoing their customer facing website. Business processes are all interrupted. Whereas, potential client #2 -- its a project that they've had on the back burner for a long time. So... if my deal is to be of real service to those who need it, current client gets my attention.

Balance is not yet achieved, but its certainly smoother than it was 4-5 weeks ago.

DVD-Lab is amazing. Its the best DVD authoring tool I've used so far, and I'm using the home version not the pro version. I think i will pay money for this.

I'm using it to burn the world cup (soccer) 2006 games to DVD's, for Q's coach, so he can use them as coaching aids. At least, that's the plan. (It just backfired.. looks like i've got wierd video problems going on.. programs jumping back and forth between each other. Yuck). ...

:) I continue to grow, how's that?

Seriously.. i have this total tendency.. anything that I do.. to hide behind other people, and not take charge of my life. I did some of that... things went south.. we pulled back, took a look at where we were at... i started really investing in my appartment and building a life down here as a seperate entity, and then from that place of confidence, dating my girl.. and i can say for sure that she is dearer to me now than she has ever been. And even the Q'ster is totally growing on me. :) He's taken up Pangya, its something we share, for now.

Feh. Not worse. Went to a Chiropractor again.. Dr Wisdom... was very glad to get cracked. Probably one of the better chiro's i've been to. Does not believe in repeat visits.

Workout-wise... struggling with doing twice a week at TKD, its really be more like once a week. I did test for Yellow belt, the testing went fairly well, though I know in my heart that's only because of prior experience, and not anything to do with how consistent i've been at class, because I haven't. Yet, emotional stability is more important to me than physical stability at this point.. so if I have to go to a meeting, then that's what I do.

I've actually started reading books again! Started when I was visiting dreamline and inevitableguy... So far, its been:
  • Greg Bear: Blood Music -- ooo the whole world converting into a giant organism and then going quantum. I really liked that the pathogens were kind and gentle.
  • Greg Bear: Darwin's Radio --- ooo Genetics and Retroviruses and Evolution. Looks like there's a followup book to put on my list.
  • Greg Bear: Eon --- ooo Hollowed out asteroid with goodies bending the space time continuum.
  • Greg Bear: something about dead people -- I bought it, barely started it.
  • Benford: something -- i was reading it in the Seattle public library, will have to pick it up. Big series about a galactic center. Buch of augmented humans roaming a planet trying to survive.

The bad news is, my old habit.. once i pick up a book, i HAVE to find out what happens next -- has bit me in the ass a couple of times. So.. no reading books during the week or before bedtime. :)

That's it for now. Will be catching up on friends entries here in a bit.

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You should definately pick up the Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series!! I let you look at the cover a while back... and the great part is.... Sci Fi is having the books made into a series! :)


*evil laugh*

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