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Back in Louisville / Seattle Pictures
Trip to seattle is now done... back in Louisville. Got home about 11am after a redeye set of flights.. slept till about 9pm.. and now cleaning up around the house, did the bills, etc.

In the process of offloading pictures from the camera.. man, there's a bunch. Just going to do some of the better ones, and the ones that mean the most to me...

DSC02015This was the first time I have seen Mt Ranier in the 3 times that I've visited. Its something else.. looking over and POOF there's this big mountain just "hanging" in mid air. Very Castles in the Sky like.

DSC02074DSC02073DSC02071While out walking from Mike & Jen's place, I did run across some cousins who took over a small business (used to be called "Scooter's"?).. They made me the best Nutella crepe I've had in a long time. And a killer Almond Latte. Their names.. I wish I could remember. Nabil? and ... ?

DSC02109After the wedding, I still had till Monday Night to take my plane trip back home. Thanks to Priceline, I landed a room at the Crowne Plaza hotel... so I decided to be a tourist for a bit. They had these nice huge windows overlooking I5. So, of course, I had to do some long-exposure nighttime shots:

Started the morning off with going to an Internet Cafe. :) (previous post)

DSC02097DSC02096Then, I visited Pike Place Market. I had heard of this place for a looong time.. but never gone. This time, I went. It was way fun. While there, I pictured up:

  • Jam from Mick's Jam Lady
  • Dried Fruit from Simply The BestDried Fruit Lady
  • Used books - Greg Bear! Eon and one other! Guy who sold me Books
  • A scroll with one of Chief Seattle's public addresses to the Gov'ner.
  • A Hombau -- a huge chinese stuffed bun -- mine was with chicken and mushrooms. Oh so good. (the store is out by the street, north side, kinda. They also have beef and pork and vegetable.)
  • A Tomato ... i was thirsty :)
  • A tote bag! And a T-shirt.


DSC02123Pretty tired by the end of this.. went back to the hotel, showered, napped, and then checked out. My next stop: The FERRY!
.. oh i love Ferries.. to anywhere. Sho 'nuff, the seagulls floated along the mast... the wind ripped through my hair.. it was amazing and beautiful. The Ferry took me to Bainbridge Island. There, I met a lady named Linda, who fed me ice cream. I saw a sign for "Biodiesel sold here".. And a bike storage facility.

DSC02132Turns out that there's a blackberry invasion happening in Seattle. Unkillable, encroaching everywhere, full of thorns... While visiting the island, I had a chance to eat a berry myself. Turns out, in August, they all become ripe. I was not assaulted by the berry bush.

DSC02111Getting pretty tired at this point.. i went back to a building i had discovered earlier in the day: The Seattle Central Library. OMG.. it was beautiful. And Huge. I spent several hours there on Monday while waiting for the right time to head out to the airport. And.. it was representative to me of why I like Seattle .. they *think* progressive. Awesome bus system (which I got to ride for just a bit)... busses with electric lines out the back... it was just wonderful.

DSC02115 Ok, that's abut it for now. This is Sunny, signing out.. (shilouette from the deck of the ferry).

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Sure looks like you had a good time!!

Glad to be home?? :)

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