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I am making this post from The Online Coffee Company in Seattle, WA.

Most amazing and wonderful things this weekend so far:
  • Being at James' and Lissa's wedding. It is so wonderful to see my friend so happy and so settled.. i cried. :)
  • Meeting Mike and Jen... there's so much here. I found people who also know about the Cat Bus and Totoro's! And their cute friendly pitbull Teddy.. and lots of little shared experiences of going various places for food. It was so nice to be in their lives for a bit.. they're the kind of folk whom i'd be regular friends with if I were local.
  • Spending time with James and Lissa after the wedding.. went out to dinner with them last night, and Laura too.. it was a wonderful time. Yep, these are people i'd hang out with...
  • Seeing Laura happy and settled. She is living with a good guy.. he and I hung out at the wedding for a bit. I like him.

In other more touristy types of things.. For one night, I pricelined a good hotel, and it was wonderful sleeping in the airconditioner huddled under the blankets. Good view.. got some long exposure nighttime shots of the interstate. Visited the international district, had good dim sum... and today i get to investigate Pike's Place market and other such goody good stuff.

Now to finish this scone, and head on up the street to a T-shirt place (i need just 1 more tee-shirt, i did not plan well), and ... back to Louisville later tonight. Flight leaves at 11:30pm PST (2:30am EST) and I arrive in Louisville about 10:00am EST. *grin*

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Sounds like you had a really good time out there!! :)

Don't forget to post a few pictures for those of us that didn't get a chance to go!! *pouts*

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